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    This site was setup to chronicle the complete restoration of a 1966 Fiat 850 CL . What started as a quick fix up, evolved into a complete restoration. Every nut and bolt and body part has been cleaned, polished, brought back to new or replaced with new old stock.

  • The Purchase

    The car I purchased , a 1966 Fiat 850 Bertone CL. The CL standing for Convertible Lusso, or Luxury. I am the second owner of this rather rare car. The original owner purchased the car new in Italy, then shipped it to Canada after he had moved here. Since they only made 933 of this model in Italy, it is unique and most likely the only one in Canada.


    The Purchase
  • Restoration

    Once I began researching the vehicle I came to realized how few of my model are out there. The CL model was never imported to North America, making it rather hard to locate parts.  Over the years I have purchased parts from all over the world including, Greece, Spain, Germany and Italy.

I started this project with a complete original car. The engine was in running condition and all aspects of the vehicle were in working order. It had seen some body work and a paint job years ago, but  unfortunately the quality of work was poor. Once I began the restoration project I soon discovered that I would like to take this car to a higher level.  A complete restoration was in order.  Although I'm rebuilding this car as a driver,  the end result will hopefully be a new 46 year old car. Follow along my journey as I bring this classic Italian car back to life. I will be posting updates in the blog and groups of photographs in the gallery section. 

The Body Work

The Engine and Transmission

The Suspension

The Interior